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To promote essence of healthy living and to create public awareness of healthy living.


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About Us

Our team is led by Mr Edwin Low. Edwin is a health advocate, writer, yoga teacher and public health talk speaker. Edwin authored a health book entitled “Stop Your Health from Being Stolen!” about 10 years ago. The book was published in Taiwan first followed by Mainland China. He is well-known to the local health community and radio listeners. He has been a regular host of “LIVE” weekly health programme on FM 958 Capital Radio (12.15pm, Saturday) for the past 4 years, sharing personal experiences and holistic knowledge on health. Topics covered: wholefood, diet and lifestyle, herbal remedies, fats and oils, environmental and water pollution, vinegar and health, GM food, enzymes, garbage enzyme, immunity, home-made cleaners, detox and fast, oil pulling therapy, anti-aging, oral health, anticancer diet, Okinawan Diet for Longevity, lessons to be learned from the China Study etc. Over the years, Edwin has given more than 700 sessions of talks on various health topics. He is currently appointed as Nutrition Consultant by 365 Cancer Prevention Society, giving health and dietary advice to cancer survivors. He has been writing health column for The Health Weekly published by the Mediacorp from 2010 to 2012. And, from 2013, providing health articles for Xin Flavours. You can sample some of the writings at his blog: www.liuxinyu.wordpress.com (in Chinese). Edwin plans to compile the writings into an English health book. He is also a yoga instructor and lifestyle coach. Helping people to stay healthier and guiding those who want to embark on fasting & detoxification journey. Edwin advocates periodical fasting and detoxification as a way to keep the toxicity in our body at a manageable level. Edwin fasts regularly, about seven days every six months to give the body a break for self-cleansing and renewal. He coaches others to fast for as long as 42 days to strengthen the body’s immune system and resistance to chronic and serious conditions. Edwin employs various techniques (breath control, stretching, postures, deep relaxation, acupressure and meditation) together with dietary changes and supplementation to assist the body to regain its balance. His typical consultation: . Electro Interstitial Scan (if necessary) to pinpoint the body’s weaknesses and risks . Dietary and lifestyle analysis . Advise on dietary and lifestyle changes . Advise on detoxification and exercises (if necessary and feasible) . Follow-up visits

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